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The tank has cleared up quite a bit, possibly due to a combination of having the filter on and performing a small (~10 to 15%) water change. I'm planning to keep on doing this daily for the first two weeks, to help remove the excess nutrients. Would this be ok, or should I do bigger changes instead?

I've noticed a lot of bubbles on the surface of the water. Is this normal, or is it because I have no fish/inverts in the tank with only plants while the filter is on? Is it simply the gases produced by the soil that have yet to disperse into the atmosphere?

On a different note, here are the types of plants I have. I believe their healthy, but if anyone has an opinion I'd be glad to hear it.

One of the wisteria 'patches' that I planted. I used some scissors to cut off some of the lower leaves that were brown and flimsy when I bought them.

What I believe to be anubias nana, though I may have misheard. If anyone can confirm the species based on the pic, I'd be very grateful. I'd also like to know how fast it will grow, cause it looks very nice. It came in a small meshed pot, which I removed.

Some creeping moss. A good portion I've secured under the gravel, as I had trouble getting it to stay on the rocks as they kept getting knocked off by the filter current. Some of the other are around the roots of the wisteria, as well as a small amount is in the filter intake. Not sure how damaging that will be.

Not sure what species this is, if anyone knows could they tell me? I've planted several patches of varying sizes of these.

I plan on getting more plants, hopefully when my local store restocks. They did have some banana plants (aquatic version, as you would guess) and moss balls. Would these be any good in the tank?

Still not sure whether or not I should turn my air stone on.
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