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Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
Zlookup: Thread algae, if killed, takes longer to decompose on its own. You can try a bit of manual removal to test - if it's dead, you'll find it fragile by now, and separates more easily from plants.

Stevekx500: Yep, red BBA is dead BBA. And glad you're comfortably dealing with an ammonia spike. If you should later figure out what caused it, let us know.
Did another WC and a lot of the algae did come off fairly easily with siphoning. Riccia is starting to look bleached out a bit so not sure if it'll survive and some Vals were melting at the base. Not all. They should survive but definitely was impacted. Overall, I'd say I'd be ok with doing it again though probably with half strength since I have moved the shrimp in and don't want to take the chance ( even though the snails seemed ok and even laid eggs ).
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