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Yesterday was great! My flight got cancelled going from Atlanta to Nashville, I got put up in a very questionable Quality Inn, and got a very generous $6 meal voucher from Delta. The hotel room was a smoking room, and hey, I don't judge as I used to smoke too, but they aren't "preferable" for me now to sleep and dwell in. Just got home not too long ago. I'm tired.

Brandon, we still fail, sometimes in a colossal fashion, but it just doesn't happen as often now. I wouldn't say that "Yea, I got it!"; rather, I think "yea, things are going fine for the time being." It's just a matter of time. But, the good times typically are long-lasting. And, yes, we need to get together on the phone. Your work schedule is icky, though. But we'll make a plan and stick to it.

AYB--You're welcome! You wouldn't have found those pics on here! Thank you for making time to read through it!

Dev--I don't know how you do it, friend! If I had your background, I would go insane trying to make every last detail perfect! And "perfect" isn't natural-looking most of the time. Which isn't to say that the end result won't be spectacular....I know that I would go crazy with the tweaking. For me, that was part of the problem with the high growth tank before this current set up: constant trimming, pruning, replanting. It was a good day if I didn't have to stick my hands into the tank. Very similar to what Tom Barr has going on right now with his Dutch scape.....frankly, one of the most amazing things to me about that specific set up is that he still keeps it going and looking wonderful. I would call it quits after six months. Too much work requiring too much time. Though, to be fair, I had almost all fast-growing stems in my set up, so perhaps his doesn't necessarily require "constant" attention demanding a few hours every day or two. It doesn't "seem" to, at least.

10gallon! Have fun!! I've responded to the to see that you are off on your journey!

NC! Man, you remember that? Haha! That grass became HUGE!!! It was so cool until it started rooting into my other plants and killing them. I was amazed that a simple grass would do that in an aquarium; I thought it would need to be rooted in substrate or would eventually drown itself. Nope! It cracked my driftwood when I tried to remove it. Pretty amazing!

Thank you very much Caliherp!! I was surprised because they were losing their color under my old 12-bulb system. 16 bulbs with superior reflectors seems to be enough to reverse that trend and add the color back in.
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