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The auction lists "Metricide/Omnicide", so technically, he's fulfilling the terms. Although showing a picture of Metricide, when he appears to only be shipping Omnicide, is still misleading.

I bought some on March 8th. He printed the shipping label immediately, which is enough to update the Ebay status to shipped, at least at a glance. But as of the 17th, it still hadn't actually been shipped according to UPS tracking, and so I sent him an email. He didn't reply, but shipped on the 20th, and I received it today.

It's Omnicide, appears to be a valid equivalent to Metricide 14, and the bottle is reasonably fresh (not expired). I may test it later just to be sure.

I suppose it ended well enough. But he has a lot of negative feedbacks reporting all kinds of problems, including but not limited to those I experienced, 34 in the past month. And he leaves retaliatory feedback on them all, calls his customers liars, there is not a single instance where he admits to any fault. I wish I'd read them first instead of jumping on a bargain, because it could have gone worse. Dealing with someone who will tarnish your feedback due to their faults isn't a good gamble.
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