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I'll take pics tomorrow, but I set up a small 10 gallon with medium light and a soil/sand substrate so that any stem plants that get uprooted can be planted there and NOT destroyed by my korelia

Easier this way since I think my parents would have an easier time planting uprooted stems in a 10 as opposed to a 75.

I discovered that the tank had a MASSIVE ammonia outbreak and diatoms my parents must have been over feeding/not paying attention to waste while doing water changes, so I had a talk with them about getting that taken care of because I'm slightly getting frustrated with this tank and the fact they aren't taking care of it the way they said they should. Told them that if they didn't want to do this that I could just sell everything...which they didn't want me to do so we'll see how this all plays out.

I'm happy for their help but if they are going to help then the least I can ask for is that they keep everything alive and healthy, or at least the fish >.> I only have 1 angel left, which makes me very very sad, so I'll have to either find them in the same lfs again (not holding breath) or just order them from somewhere (I believe they are Pinnoy Zebras).

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