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LED DIY Replacement for older Eclipse hood

I have been having trouble keeping phosphate up as it seems to disappear as soon as i add it. and I have always had trouble keeping CO2 in this tank with the whole marineland bio wheel system. I think I might take it out. I added enough potassium phosphate and flourish to make me want to puke. But it had to be done. Fe was at 0.1 and PO4 at 2.1. I'll be dialing back the lights as soon get a chance. I cut the time down 9 hours to 6 hours.

Currently PO4=5, NO3=40, SO4=90, Ca=30, Mg=2.3, Fe=0.4, all in ppm. and kH=soft. I don't have a kH test. But I always aim for 4 with my water change water using Baking soda. I have other parameters as well if you think they may help.

Algae is holding steady and not exploding and I can not make the drop checker turn yellow or make my fish gasp no matter how hard I try. Sad but true. Fish actually look very happy.

Things are looking better. White tips have turned light green and a large leaf is springing forth but apons are still putting out red leafs instead of green.

Do you see anything wrong with these parameters? I appreciate your help.

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