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DefStatic's Office Evolve 4 - Home to Blue Phoenix

So I thought I would start a tank journal thread, since I never have. There is not a lot to say when building a nano right? LOL.

Inhabitant -
Fish: Halfmoon Doubletail Male (Blue Phoenix)

Equipment -
Tank: Aqueon Evolve 4
Light: Finnex Fugeray-R
Filter: Built in, with an added Fluval Sponge at the intake
Pump: Modified with an adjustable valve
Substrate: Petco Black Sand, about 3/4 a 5lb bag, with root tabs
Heater: Aqueon 50w adjustable
Also: CoralLife Digital Thermometer

Amazon Sword
Asian Water Fern
Also: Zebra Stripe Rock

More posts to follow...
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