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Confused journey of another nano

Here are some shots.. I was watching a shrimp for some time, sure it would molt. Not sure if it did .

As always, here's a FTS:
I literally just let the last cholla float and it sank there. I don't mind it, but I'm ALWAYS seeking advice on my scape.
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He's got his swimmerets down, and he kept them down for a long time. Definitely stretching, he was.
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Never crap where you eat.. Oh wait. This mama doesn't care. Lol.
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This older mama looks almost black in spots.. Help on this one? Lol.
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My horned nerite+a Juvie
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--could someone tell me if these younger ones will shore up the 'cracks' in their red?

What's everybody think? I've got some solid red males. I'm waiting until I have a solid 30+ then I'll start culling to make a pure red male line.

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