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Originally Posted by Indychus View Post
Best picture in the whole thread.
definatly the most fun picture of the entire forum! how can one not grin in solidarity when ya see it!

everything looks great! I too love all the solid orange life, if you want to add a schooling fish I suggest stay with another solid colored fish even if you go with a different color. I have a school of Black Rasbora which are deep purple with shiny orange eyes.
I really like all the texture your rock has, but I still struggle with the placement. they are so tall that scattered as you have them they look "planted" (for lack of a better description)
I would group them mostly touching starting from the back corner of one side (not up against the corner, always leave cleaning, planting and swimming space) and angle your grouping towards the center. hopefully this grouping of rocks you can make nearly reach the center line. Keep your favorite rock (or perhaps two, depending on the other grouping... I forgot to count how many you had) and place it forward and out from center of the other half side of the tank.
I think this will give depth to the tank and help with break the illusion of how you see your tank as divided in half
Just some of my two cents.
over all you have some beautiful and strong elements going onin this tank! well done
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