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Pet Haven is at 16 (Big Beaver) and Van Dyke - by the Hockey store and Home Depot.

It's a smaller place but seems to always be open. I try to go to even the smallest places because you never know what you might find!

Also, for lunch today I stopped by Royal Tropical Fish & Brid (11 mile & Woodward) and I would have to say that I'm more than impressed with this store. IMO it ranks with Moby Dicks and Kees as one of the finest LFS in the area. Their fish selection is great (only FW), they have a wide variety of dry goods as well including decorations and rocks/driftwood & stuff. Their plants looked really nice. Their tanks are isolated individually, which as I mentioned before is kinda loud from all the filters running, but I feel good about them because I feel theres less of a chance of cross-tank contamination if some fish deveop an infection or get a parasite. I saw heaters in all the tanks. Their prices are pretty high. Some fish are double what you would pay at Petsmart/Petco or a cheaper LFS, but at the same time the fish looked noticeably healthier and I did not see a single dead/dying fish anywhere, not even close. Specifically, I compared Harlequin Rasbora to those I found at Petco and the ones at Royal were significantly more robust and had better coloring. Oh, and did I mention that the staff is awesome? Sue is apparently there most of the time and she's extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She gave me tons of info on Lovebirds while I was there.

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