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Believe me, I've had my journey too (still on it). I might give my scapes a bit too much thought. I started with reptiles and terrariums, and am used to literally fabricating the hardscape. I try to capture an overall theme or emotion and I've definitely seen a huge improvement from build to build with regards to aesthetics and technicalities. I typically approach new builds from the perspective of existing builds: what did I do that I could do better? What did I not do? What didn't work?

And most importantly, did I like how that turned out?

Whether by accident or not, I usually end up setting up the hardscapes for my aquariums well in advance of actually executing them. I walk by the tanks for days and make adjustments constantly. Usually its because I have the tank and hardscape before I have the substrate or equipment, but it forces me to constantly reevaluate my placement and overall strategy.

I'm an engineer by trade but also did freelance web / graphics design and some studio art - definitely helps me to have the perspective of both sides.

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Dev--Yes, it really has been. I don't know about you, but I do not put things like this hobby into perspective. I don't give it much thought, one scape to the next....maybe this last one took about 20 minutes total to think about and plan. I guess when you put it on paper (or in a Journal thread on the Interwebs, in this case), you can see how your earlier set ups impact your recent ones, even without you consciously realizing it. I would love to see some of Tom Barr's first tanks, and see what humble beginnings he started from to where he is now! Or, Oliver Knott. Perhaps even more so with the hobbyists here. I wonder if they would see the impact vs. time of their earlier works on their current set ups, or if they don't really give it much thought most of the time. What about you, Dev? Do you see an evolution between some of your first "completed" set ups to now? Does it cross your mind to build upon what you did the last time, or do you just "do" it?

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