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Dev--Yes, it really has been. I don't know about you, but I do not put things like this hobby into perspective. I don't give it much thought, one scape to the next....maybe this last one took about 20 minutes total to think about and plan. I guess when you put it on paper (or in a Journal thread on the Interwebs, in this case), you can see how your earlier set ups impact your recent ones, even without you consciously realizing it. I would love to see some of Tom Barr's first tanks, and see what humble beginnings he started from to where he is now! Or, Oliver Knott. Perhaps even more so with the hobbyists here. I wonder if they would see the impact vs. time of their earlier works on their current set ups, or if they don't really give it much thought most of the time. What about you, Dev? Do you see an evolution between some of your first "completed" set ups to now? Does it cross your mind to build upon what you did the last time, or do you just "do" it?

--Thanks Brandon! Long story. At least I did it now, and don't have to explain it again. I can just say "see post #492 in my Journal...." Long-winded, though. I try to keep it "more pictures" than anything, and I was a little surprised about the length of it. I read through it, and I even thought to myself "Shut up, already!"

10gallon--Well, thank you kindly, Mister! We all start from some place, and it really is (at least) partially meant to show and explain that to others. I don't think anyone is born to aquascape. Perhaps some are inclined with a better eye for color, or pick up on the information more easily, or otherwise have more of a natural talent towards doing this hobby, but I believe that most of these things can be developed with enough time and patience in just about anyone with an interest in it. So, practice and challenge yourself, even if you fail miserably at it.....otherwise, you won't get anywhere with it, and the way you will tell is that you won't care about what it looks like. When you do care about it, it will never look good enough, and I think that is a good thing because it means that the drive to improve upon what you'v, e done is there. If that drive is still there, then you are open to trying new things and taking risks which would ultimately result in a tank that is not simply "eye-candy," but stands out from the rest. WHICH MEANS IT REMAINS FUN TO DO most of the time!!!!!!

Samee--I'm going to be 37 before too long. Old enough.
I attribute most of the coloration to nearly perfect growing conditions, or a nice polymorph of a plant that get appreciably colorful. That old tank had a base layer of kitty litter, then a good inch and a half of MTS, then another inch and a half of AquaSoil, and capped with Tahitian moon sand (for some reason). The nutrients were very ample in the substrate, and L. Aromatica does put out a healthy root system. I also dosed heavy EI, especially on the iron and phosphorus, and I had brand new Giesemann bulbs in there, too! Really, aside from keeping a nice maintenance and dosing schedule, I really didn't do that much. I probably just had a strain of it that colored up especially nicely, is all. Likely both! The CO2 was kept in ample supply as well! LOL!

--Thank you JEden8 for the compliment!

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