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Hey all,

Ordered my 12G long today and excited to join the club once I get all my equipment in!

What Finnex LED fixture would you all recommend if I'd like to keep this tank fairly low tech?

I'm thinking either the 36" Fugeray or (3) 10" FugeRay-R's. Anyone have thoughts on this? I fear I will have to suspend the 36" FugeRay, but I should be able to pull this off. Additionally if I choose to go down the CO2/slightly more high tech route in the future, I will always have the ability to lower the light fixture at that point.

The PAR output on (3) FugeRay-R's should put me in a lower light category, but that's 3 power cords to deal with and a less minimalist look.

Looks like I just answered my own question!

A question for you folks running CO2 on your tanks: What is an estimated start up cost for a basic paintball system with the tank, regulators, diffusers, tubing, etc? How often do the 24oz tanks need a refill?

Looking forward to starting my journal and joining the club!
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