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Yes the plastic wrap was to protect the acrylic. If I screwed up the foam would easily be removed from the tank with the egg crate. Once the foam is set and dry the plastic can easily be ripped off at the edges. Expanding foam works well (pond foam) also Gorilla Glue works really well for bonding bark to wood. Gorilla glue will expand up to five times and bonds really well to various objects. You can mix in small quantities Gorilla glue with wet sphagnum moss and a little bit of clay dust and create a natural looking cement. Be sure to wear rubber gloves. You can experiment outside the tank with a mock up design before you perfect your methods. If your waterfall is going against the glass in a tank then you could make a mock up of the tank out of 1/8" mdf. Line that with plastic and then transfer the finished mold into the tank later.
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