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Walmart Aqua Culture Betta Pro Water

Well I just did a marathon testing.

pH 8.4
TDS 35
KH 6
GH 3-4

Betta Water
pH 8.0
TDS 74
KH 7-8
GH 1-2

I also tested some of my tanks

Hex (did a large wc yesterday)
pH 6.8
TDS 75

pH 6.4
TDS 147

pH 6.6
TDS 78

3g ( fss substrate w crs)
pH 6.4
TDS 140
GH 6
KH 3

2g (fss substrate w rcs)
pH 6.4
TDS 143

I've only lived in this house for less than a month. The old house was a pH of 7 out of the tap. When I saw high pH out of the tap I almost flipped out because it occurred to me that I have never checked the tap pH in the new house. That being said, the tap seems better than the betta water. I would return it but I opened it to test it. What a joke!

So why is my pH so low in the non buffered tanks if my tap pH is so high? I never had this issue before but now I'm thinking I need to get some pH up for all my fish tanks (not shrimp). I didn't check every single tank but I have a feeling they are all on par with the rest.

Advise me please!

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