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I went to my LFS to pickup some red ludwigia and anacharis, which I did, but on my way up to the register they had this BEAUTIFUL male betta that caught my eye. The icing on the cake was the bettas were on sale, so I picked him up along with the 2 new plants. Here's a pic of the tank with the new plants and the betta. Like my last one that fell to an untimely and sad death, when I first put him in he is flashing at his reflection in the tank as you can see in the pic. In 1-2 days I'm sure he'll stop, but I definitely admire his beauty when he does flare. Also, something weird happened after I put the new plants in. I thought the first assassin snail I got a couple months back had died because I hadn't seen him for about 1 month, so I went and got another one to help keep the (bad) snail population down. Well, low and behold this morning when the light goes on I see BOTH!!! He must've had a nice loooooong nap! A little while later I noticed that the two are intertwined and am curious if they are mating, fighting or what? Pic below.

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