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Amano colors and sexing

I recently got some Amano shrimps, who knew Petco would carry them? As far as I know, Petco and Petsmart are the only LFS that my city has.

One of them has developed a funky color. She (?) is much darker than the others. Is this just her genetics at play, or is there something else? When I got the lot, she had a strange whitish color in her stomach area that has since cleared up (I thought she might have been carrying a disease), and one of her eyes is busted. I call her Mad-Eye Moody.

Also, how do you sex Amanos? They all look...the same. All the sources I read said to sex them like you sex cherries, but I don't notice a big difference in abdomen size at all. I guess I could just wait for them to develop eggs. I was hoping that if they breed, that my betta could eat the larvae, but then again I don't want a bunch of dead Amano babies rotting in my tank.
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