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Modified BiOrb Life 60 Low tech

This is my first ever freshwater aquarium; I've successfully kept marines before though...not that that's much help here!

Anyhoo, I've inherited a BiOrb Life 60L from my brother; an interesting and challenging prospect. For one, it's got it's own built in filter type affair, with an airstone. Lighting is courtesy of a 6500K LED "Intelligent Light", of unspecified power. Dimensions measure 16.5" x 25" x 11", 16 US Gal, so not ideal for most fish, and probably a challenge to aquascape.

Despite all that, I think they look cool, and being acrylic, it should be easy enough to modify. . My plan is to set this up as a low tech aquarium (per this excellent guide

Lighting will use the stock "Intelligent Lighting" by BiOrb

Filtration will be via an external canister filter (suggestions please!), plumbed into bulkheads at the back of the tank. The airline and existing "media basket" will be removed and capped off. I'll add some kind of small heater. I'd like an inline one, to keep as much stuff out of the tank as possible.

No idea about substrate yet, but a large, tall rock structure will probably feature, with plenty of caves, and I'll plant it pretty heavily, initially with a mix of Java moss and Java Fern, which I gather would both be OK with the stock lighting. Anything else I could add?

Inhabitants: I was thinking about a pair of Peacock Gudgeon (or Goby), various small shrimps and either a group of CPDs, or maybe Sparkling Gaurami. Eventually; obviously not all at once.

That's my idea, anyway. Any ideas/input would be gratefully received, especially on the size of canister filter required, and how to effectively aquascape a tall tank.


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