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At last i got my test kit, help with water parameters

Hi all

this is my 1st shrimp tank it is cycled from about 3 months now i bought about 20 RCS , 15 died and it toke like 3 months for them to start breeding and finally yesterday i saw a babe shrimps hanging around

My tank Dimensions is 22' long 18' height 18' depth so it is about 28 gallon

filtration sponge filter , ofc am not running co2 , lighting are a DIY leds

substrate are MTS caped with a very very soft white sand

water source are 50% RO and 50% Tap water

pics for the tank

And about the test kit, yesterday i used it and here are the results right after a water changes

pH : 8.4

Amonia : 0

Nitrite : 0

Nitrate : 20

GH : 3

KH : 10

TDS : 500

so if there is anything wrong with my water parameters so please tell me what is it and how to fix it ,

Thank you
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