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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
They're better quality than any of my Mr. Aqua tanks and, in my opinion, way nicer than Do! Aqua. Blasphemy coming from me, an ADA fan, I know. Pretty sure they come from the same factory.

Regular forum folks know I'm quick to speak up when I receive a product that's poor quality. These tanks are tops and I expect them to become popular. Glass is thick, tanks are heavy and the silicone is great. I want but absolutely DO NOT need a third little cube.
That's actually really good to know. I used to go to AFA in San Fransisco like once a month, though I couldn't afford ADA products. I believe the Do! Aqua stuff was just coming out when I first started going. I told myself I would never get and ADA tank without most their other goodies I love to drool over. This is my excuse for a nice cube without feeling I need to spend a fortune. Well, I do need to spend a fortune on the kitchen to make something fit but that's a whole nother issue lol.

Even cooler, my fiancee actually wants me to do a 2-5 gallon cube, more or less. I don't hear that every day, trust me. She has been actually asking me for about 3 months to consider it (trying to rid myself of MTS).

Thanks for the review. I could live with a Mr. Aqua and would love a Do! Aqua so you have convinced me. Just need to update the kitchen lol.
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