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So, I have another non photo update. I was doing all my philosophical stuff, loving the tank up, giving it more of my time. Things were improving...for a bit.

Learned a valuable lesson in the last 2 days. Maintain your equipment. My CO2 levels compared to BPS seemed off. My tank ran out pretty fast as well, not crazy fast to where it was obvious, just a little to fast. I had two leaks. One leak was at my GLA diffuser. I broke the plastic nut and never dealt with it, was using a zip tie. The second was where I didn't replace some silicone tubing after I switched to the GLA diffuser. The silicone works fine at low pressure but was pulling off the check valve. Replaced the tubing. I replaced the nut on the compression, I didn't know this thing worked so well.

I then noticed that my O ring wasn't sealing on my canister. I hear it pulling in some air so no surprise, leak wasn't very bad so no damage to stand, floor etc. Well, about a year ago, I broke the top nipple off the pump housing cover of my Eheim 2215 and was using a hose clamp. Worked fine but in the process of of moving things, it broke worse, to the point I couldn't use it. Again, I was planning on buying a new cover for about a year, just didn't get around to it.

Lesson learned, buy everything when it breaks and use the make shift fix temporarily.

I have fixed the CO2 but can't run it because I can't run my canister until I get the parts. What a day I had, fun stuff.

The only cool thing that happened was when I place my order with Amazon, I found out I had a gift card I forgot about so I have a "free" pump cover coming to me.

Now I just have to figure out how to put the media in the tank or something to keep it going. I figured the LFS is closed and me being a bit defeated, I had 2 beers. Now I realize Petsmart is open still. I guess it doesn't matter because my fiancee is having a client over for a few hours and I can't work on it anyway.

Sorry, sort of a rant but I do find some humor in this. One problem just lead to the next and at each one, totally my fault for not being proactive.
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