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Originally Posted by cobra View Post
Thanks All for the replies!

Is there an acrylic fabricator here on PT? I asked about this on RC, but got no bites. I have some tools at home (built my ADA stand) and could do it myself, but to be quite honest-I have a lot going on with work and grad school and don't have the time to make myself smart on acrylic joinery, etc.

The brackets I want to build would be thicker than the 10mm glass of my 90-H. The fixture that these brackets support is a 36" buildmyLED fixture. With this thickness and the light weight of the fixture I can't see warping being much of an issue.

I have attached a screen shot of the bracket in mind.


Seems easy enough! What are u looking at for size, I work this stuff everyday so I might be able to do it for ya. You would go through me instead of my co for a savings?
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