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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
Looks good to me!

what kind of rocks are those?
Thank you Boxxer. I believe they are slate but don't know for sure. They were picked up at a used equipment store nearby...sweet find!

Originally Posted by RickRS View Post
Looks nice.

The three leaning rocks on the left side might remain in position longer if the flat rock you're bracing them with has a side touching the glass. That would stop it from sliding away from the leaning rocks over time.

Alternately, a small flat rock between the glass and the bracing rock to fill the gap (and avoid a point being pushed against the glass) would hold the structure without having to move the group over to the right.
Thank you, Rick. I was planning on siliconing them together which would take care of any movement...I think. Would that be the best option, in your opinion? Any drawbacks to that?
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