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the new parents were not good parents, perhaps they will do better next go around?
they are fun fish to have in the tank and their colors are outstanding!

the angels got to aggressive an have been moved to the 80gal tall I have. Now this tank id a mini micro ...lots of little inhabitants
5 black these guys!
7 rummy nose tetras
6 ottos
3 jullie cories
2 blue rams
a doz or so green neons them! tiny and tight schoolers! look like a bunch of tiny lights
and I just got a male dwarf fire goramie as kinda a center piece fish

I have worked real hard at finding fish that add color to the tank. visitors cant believe they are fresh water fish, they think you have to go with salt water to get colorful fish.
anyway I have a pretty full fish load but being they are all small things it doesn't even look crowded
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