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Originally Posted by Art by Stef* View Post
....There goes the "there are no bad dogs, but bad owners" theories, although there are A LOT of bad owners out there....
I think a more accurate statement is there are no bad dogs until irresponsible people buy them.

The following is me rambling and not directed to Stef.

Dogs temperaments run from Submissive to Dominate. Terms that describe human traits really don't belong in discussions about dogs. Dogs are not Mean or Sweet, Good or Bad, dogs are animals that respond to stimulus. In human world those reactions are appropriate or inappropriate based on the situation.
Dog's actions are based on what is it for them, while romantic notions about dogs a wonderful themes for Disney movies but, they aren't real.

If you read through this thread you'll see many examples of anthropomorphism. They are animals, yes very important to us but they are not little humans in fur suits.

All litters will have a bell curve from Submissive to Dominate puppies with most being in the middle. In purebred dogs breed for performance traits we get some consants.

A dogs true 'natural' temperament can really only be evaluated in the 6-8 wks period, after that the human factor alters that temperament.

That developed temperament is based on the human 'pack' the dog lives with.
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