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Originally Posted by pmcarbrey View Post
They need completely different water conditions than RCS do. ph of less than 7, kh of 0, Gh of 4-6, and extremely low nitrates.
Yes, I realized when I got home and started researching. That the two need completely different water conditions. I'm guessing they can't go to together then?

Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
That they do. What are your tank params?

As long as your tank is stable, worry about RO top offs.

Also, search threads here. We don't go a week without a thread like this so just scroll and scour.
Usually I research the topic before I get something but it was the first time I seen shrimp at the auction besides cherries so I couldn't pass them up. I hate posting threads up like this because as you had stated this has been done a million times. If it wasn't finals weeks I would be researching this none stop but I figured I could make a thread and get a quick answer.

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