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I hate to target a specific breed. The more popular the breed, the more incidences you will hear, because there are more of them. I could groom 3 cockers a day, and in a week never have an aggressive one. Yet, in a month's time, cockers could of been the most troublesome dog that month.

And maybe that particular one was not a good match for your family. His brother/sister might of been.

That's why I'm saying they are as individual as people, and it might of suited a different family. Maybe people with kids out of school that could of played him out all day, or a hunter.

You won't hear too much about breeds like basenjis because they are not that popular, yet I groomed 2 in 25 years. (Not that hairy, either) One was an absolute doll, the other was psycho. Same family. What can I say about the breed? Can't say either way.

I can pinpoint that the most excessive barkers were shelties, although there are some that wouldn't make a peep and try to blend in with the surroundings to avoid the bath tub
Best temperament seem to be Golden Retrievers.

When shopping for a purebred dog, they fall into groups: Sporting, Working, Toy, Companion/Non Sporting, Herding, Terriers. (I think I'm leaving one out?) Before getting a dog, instead of asking for recommendations, start with the group that best fits your lifestyle. Then narrow it down to size. Then do research on the breeds you choose.

Just because a friends pit is a marvelous dog, or even the dog you grew up with, doesn't mean the next one will be that way. Breeding and bloodlines change, and you will also see more skin problems, ear infections and flea allergies than our childhood pals we grew up with. Makes me wonder because fleas were still as common, swimming dogs got plenty of water in their ears, and most ate table scraps.
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