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Yeah, They're pretty incredible turtles Nubster.

They make an incredible display animal as long as you know what your getting into and have the space. I've worked with a lot of common Snappers over the years and this is my second Aligator Snapper.

I have the tank a little more functional at this point (even though I think it looks cooler with only an in or 2 of water, it doesn't work out all that well for my little buddy)

I took tons of photos while I was working it out over the last week or 2, so I'll try not to be too excessive with the pic post count.

I have an Eheim 2217 canister rigged up for the filtration, but having the water bar above the surface was loud and annoying so I submerged it and threw in a powerhead to keep the surface water moving. Then that became a problem cause between stray java moss, dumb feeder fish and all sorts of other debris I was cleaning it out twice a day. the filter attachment kept it up way to high so I wound up chopping it down and siliconing it back together half the size.

the other thing I did to free up some space was make a kick stand out of some slate, pipe, and black foam for the big peace of drift wood. befor it had 3 chunky peaces of wood under it that took up a ton of room. Now he has another decent cover area to cool out in and its a lot safer and more stabilized this way too.

I did add a few more plants. I threw in some penny wort cause threaded through the holes in the drift woods real nice.

Most of the moss I had on the log died off, but in my other fish tanks I havent been having much luck with my baby lears and rica so every time a cluster starts dyeing off, I either tangel it into the moss remains on the floating cork or a notch in the drift wood thats close to the surface. And I cant help but laugh at myself cause even though its nasty turtle water that gets even more trashed by the 36 feeders I throw in a each week, the stuff comes back to life and spreads all over with in a day or two.

I also though a bunch of duck weed in over the weekend, which I'm kinda regretting cause it hasent even started spreading yet and it already looks like it took over but I might try and section off like a third of the tank at the surface to try and coral it in a few days. I could just be kidding myself though Haha

And Hears a bunch of shots I took of walter while I pulled him out to move his furniture

Sorry If I got a little to carried away with all the detailes

Thanks for looking

I wanna try and add a few small species of water lilies or some bog type palms? pretty soon so I'll up date the thread once the tank comes together a little more

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