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zzrguy....thank you very much! Please remember that we all come from humble beginnings. Your current set up reminds me a lot of how I started off, and how much fun that time was! Reading all about plants, the impact of different ferts, trying different scapes and looks, and just having fun with it all. I just ended up putting it all together over time, just like everyone else. You'll get there too! And, I still have a ton more to learn and try!

Brandon, wow! Why do they get stressed out? That still seems to be plenty of flow to me.

Thanks 10gallon! I would watch the water column dosing without can get algae (and freakishly epic) issues very quickly! Especially cladophora. Be sure to run very, very lean!!

Tips for soil? Get, or make, MTS. I paid Frank to make me some and it's been outstanding. I also used a layer of kitty litter beneath that, and mixed in some peat granules. Before capping with sand, I added some of Devin's GroSoil and GroHumate tabs. I just added another pack of GroSoil just about a week ago as well. So I think that the trick is to start with a rich substrate, and keep it nicely supplemented so it stays nice and rich!
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