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Originally Posted by Msheresy View Post
I purchased one of these with the fugeray light a few weeks ago. I went to set it up last night and one of the leveling clips in the box was broken. Do I contact finnex or Aquavibrant?

I'm pretty annoyed that I paid over $50 bux for this and the clip is broken, not to mention that I also have the same problems with flow as others have mentioned and now have to use a higher power arerator or water pump.....the one that came with it is pretty useless for the job it is supposed to do.

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Hi Msheresy. I apologize for the clip. Please contact to assist you with that issue.

As for air pump, please note a stronger air pump will not produce a greater flow. Our model, along with other company's models, were produced to use with an air pump for those with low flow needs, ie shrimp breeding etc. Those housing inhabitants where a stronger flow would not be an issue, I recommend the water pump we put out to fit with nearly all breeding boxes.

One thing you can try is lowering the tube that extends in to the aquarium. Having it lower will allow more water to be pumped in to the box if you do not want to go the water pump route.
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