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Jake's High-Clarity Shrimp Cubes

Got suckered in by a sale and picked up two 20cm high-clarity cubes from AquaTop.

A teaser:

(No, they won't be placed on particle board - don't worry)

Clarity is terrific. Definitely worth the price. If you're on the fence about one of these AquaTop tanks? Don't hesitate to make the purchase.

Not sure what's in store beyond adding a black background to each, using Aquasoil, Red Sea Nano filters and random chunks of driftwood.

Have two spare 13w Fluval fixtures but would prefer to go the LED route.

Plants? No clue. Have tons of moss. Maybe just moss on driftwood.

Plan to house various Caridina. Or maybe I won't and will pump CO2 and grow things like S. repens and UG? We'll see what plays out. Just need to go through my hardscape supply to see what looks best. That'll determine plants and whether or not these cubes house sensitive shrimp.

At the very least, they'll house Neos.
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