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Eco-Complete only as substrate?

Hello everyone,

I have a really silly question....
I am well over the required cycle time for my tank but I don't want to add fish until I've got my aquascape looking just right. I have purchased a 20lb bag of Eco-Complete aquarium planting substrate. I used to use this with white sand, but I found my cichilds were overturning much of the eco-complete and it caused the sand to appear "dirty". Because of this, I decided to go with a black substrate - probably gravel, not sand.

But I'm curious - do I have to use any gravel at all? Or can I just use the eco-complete as the substrate for my tank? Will this cause the nutrients in the substrate to break down in the water rather than nourishing the plant roots? And will this harden my water (making it difficult to house soft-water fish?)

Any help would be appreciated!
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