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Originally Posted by ccbeauch View Post
thanks for this. Mine stunk of bleech and that worried me so I tossed it. Figured 16$ wasn't worth the death of all my discus...
Sorry that it worked out that way for you. Don't know why or how.
I've kept discus for many years in planted tank environments, and have been using Purigen 24/7 in my discus tanks for several years straight.
Have re-charged Purigen up to 15 times with no ill effects, or no real loss of clarification & purification effectiveness.
Once the particles have returned to their normal white coloration after 24 hours in a 50/50 water/bleach solution, you simply have to rinse it well and let it sit in de-chlorinated tap water until you're ready to use it again - no problem.
Please do try it again.
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