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Originally Posted by whiptail View Post
Nice tank. The LFS has been pushing discus. Are they as difficult to reaise as I keep hearing? The feeding is what worries me, because I'm gone a lot of weekends.
Love the pics of your cat. We have a miniture Schnouser and she will sit and watch the bristlenose too. What's funny is when she tries to bite it. The bristlenose will stay on the front of the glass and just wiggle a little bit. It's like it's teasing her.

The feeding isn't a problem at all. When they are young they can go for about 2 weeks without food and at the adult age they can go for 2 to 4 months with out a meal, though I don't recomend it. I am gone most weekends too in the spring and summer and they are completely fine when I return. The biggest part is making sure you are up on your water changes if you are going to leave for a week or something like that. I usually do one right before I go just to be on the safe side. The more plants in the tank, the more problems can arise if you dose things, but also the longer the tank can go without a water change if need be. Right now I'm battling algea but the fish don't seem to mind one bit.

my tank still turns a tea color 8 months later and I'm not sure if that is because of the wood or dirt in the bottom of the tank, maybe both. good luck if you decide to jump in. There is a guy named Paul or discus Paul who gives good advice on discus and such. Learned some key things from him.

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