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Brandon, I'm totally kidding! Actually, I approached Devin with the question of what might be able to grow on Manzy branches that would be low maintenance and hardy. I believe he actually deserves the credit for first bringing up the idea of "Tilly's" to me. I MAY be one of the first to have used a "square" tank for a freshwater set up four or five years ago, but that really isn't too creative as they already had cube tanks around.

And, "yes," we need to give Frank his due props, Han! Well done, Frank!

Tajaba--No, I don't do any testing. I can tell by what's growing well in the tank what the pH and hardness is around. It's a good enough for me. I'm not sure what you mean by "what is with" the plants and substrates? It's a very, very high light system that is well fertilized using mineralized top soil, some GroSoil and GroHumate tabs from Hydrophyte, and some EI as needed. I also use peat granules in the substrate, filter my water through peat granules, and don't change out any more than 5-10% per week with new water. There isn't anything that I'm doing that would be considered a "trick" or have some sort of secret to what I do. Truly, the only thing incredibly unique about this system may just be the amount of lighting and the bulb choices. Otherwise, it's a soft water, nutrient-rich system.

Yikes, Brandon! That's a LOT of CO2 your pushing through that system. I use a needle wheel impeller+spraybar which is incredibly efficient for spreading my CO2 around in the tank in "mist" form. If it ain't broke, though, right?

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