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I've been letting some of the pennywort float for awhile now. I still kind of want something like Salvinia Cucullata or Frogbit.

It's not like I don't have a bunch of 10G tanks in the garage, a 75G, a 45 tall, and a 40B. Why did I buy another little tank?

One thought was to throw culled pumpkins in there, and my wenditii is needing to be thinned.

$34 seemed a really good price. Would have preferred a similar sale on a 6 or an 8, but you take what you get.

Now to do some reading on all the mods I've seen on these things.

EDIT: Something I meant to mention above that other people might find of use. I'd read a lot of people using tree leaves in tanks. Obviously Indian almond leaves are the most talked about, but I'd read you could also use things like oak or fruit tree leaves as well. My shrimp seem to like the Bradford pear leaves better than the oak I've tried.

Bradfords are those trees used a lot in decorative plantings, but contractors building houses, etc. They grow fast, don't really have fruit, and have very pretty white blossoms prior to the leaves coming out in the Spring. Unfortunately they're known to break easily in the wind when they get too thick, so they're kind of disposable trees.
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