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Update without pictures.

I discovered today that my parents apparently cannot spot uneaten fish food when it is left all over the have a bad case of cloudy eye and algae has run rampant. Plants are struggling since they were covered with diatoms and the like but they will bounce back in time. Same with the fish. Nothing worth looking at though.

I had to talk to my folks though about if this tank is too much for them, because with the amount of uneaten food I saw in there that looked as if it'd been in there for over a week, I straight up told them that if they can't take better care of the fish and plants in this tank that we should just tear the whole thing down, because I've been getting sick of having to do 8 hours of work every time I come see this tank >_>

I might sound like I'm being needy/bitchy here, but I know my parents actually like having the tanks around, and they did not want to sell and take down everything and intend on keeping it. So I think we reached an agreement about how to better handle this tank...I have a neighbor that cleans aquariums professionally, so my parents suggested that they would just pay him to take a look at the tank once every other week (still doing water changes themselves once a week and dosing and all that) so that algae and all that does not take over. Although I'm in charge of the tank when I'm around (I prefer it that way anyways).

Also, I'm going to re-do this little 10 gallon quarantine I have so that I can use it to quarantine plants. I'll include that tank in this journal and will be working on it throughout this week, I have 2 t8's on it for now, no co2 (I don't need it to be a super growth tank or anything like that), and will dirt it and all that. Maybe even get a few small inverts going in there just cause I have 2 sponge filters in the thing as it is, so why not? If I ever felt inclined, I could run co2 into it, but I kinda want to avoid that since, I don't feel like getting another bubble counter and such.

I might be getting some more plants into this tank while I'm home for break, and for the love of aquaria I'm hoping to find a pair of bristle nose plecos or something to help with algae/detrius/be awesome since I like plecos as is anyways. I also want to see if I can get snails back in this tank, even if its just MTS and ramshorns.

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