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Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
Yeah I'm usually vocal about good service. I always send people to H4N for mosses and you for other random stuff.
Yeah, Han has really good plants. Definitely one of the top growers here.

And I always appreciate it

Originally Posted by Barbgirl View Post
I snagged a pair of 4in curved spring scissors. Hopefully will make life with nanos and carpets much easier haha
They should do the trick. Spring scissors are the best lol. My wife just rescaped the 65 gallon in our living room with a pair of the 12" spring scissors and EbiKen tweezers. It was her first time using the EbiKen stuff, and now I have 1 less of each in inventory lol.

Well, I guess that's the benefit of having this business. It doesn't exactly make a ton of money, but I do get to snag some really cool stuff at good prices and then write it off
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