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I installed that DIY reactor and WOW did it make a huge difference. I'm down to like 1 bubble every 2 seconds, and my drop checker is still yellow.

There are unfortunately a lot of algae problems going on in this tank right now - I need to spend some serious time to clean it up, but I've been way too busy. There's a nice colony of staghorn that's taken over my java fern, and the glass is coated in brown algae of some sort.

The glosso is growing like 5" tall instead of spreading... I've been trimming it when I can to keep it short, but it definitely likes to go up.

My ghost shrimp all died after the CO2 reactor change... either pH shock or CO2 poisoning... I had it going pretty good at 3+ bubbles per second - the ADF is still nowhere to be seen. Alpha (the Betta) is still alive and well though
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