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Pound VS Breeder

It is true that I should be more specific. I have only dealt with a few small pounds, the ASPCA, and considered some local breed rescues. In my experience, not one of the groups are in it for the money. Considering the cost of a spay/ neuter, the initial vet visit, possible surgery or medication... the adoption cost is often less. We have always been given a run down on the dog's reaction to people, cats, children, food aggression, and how easily the dog with recognize an Alpha. We had to visit our dog three times before an adoption went through ( our adoption fee was only $5 ). We have been turned down by our SPCA numerous times for a second dog adoption because they don't have a dog that would be okay with children, cats and other dogs. As far as my mixed breed statement goes I stand by it, a mutt doesn't equal a perfect dog or perfect health ( I didn't say that). Some dogs abilities that they are developed for do not always translate well as a family pet, especially super high energy levels, by getting a mutt or mixed breed some of the traits can be watered down a bit and make for a better pet. Plus I will concede that I like seeing animals get a second chance at life and that training, socialization and dealing with an individual dog is key.
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