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Update 3/15/13

This thread has been overdued for an update, so here it is.
Did my first major trim today, and used the clippings to plant the HOB.

Excuse the cloudy water, I messed around with it alot. Hope it'll clear up tomorrow.

Currently, I've been doing water changes every 2-4 days. Fighting a bit of algae, mostly Rhizoclonium, GDA, GSA, strands of Spirogyra sometimes, and just noticed the appearance of maybe hair/fuzz algae (or early BBA, idk). To be honest I haven't put that much effort into ridding them, as the tank is still mature, algae is to be expected. Am I correct?
When ever the Rhizo gets out of hand I do a 10% water change, manually remove all visible algae, except the GDA and GSA because I don't mind them.

I'm aware that I'm probably low on CO2, will impliment DIY CO2 soon when I find the time. Water current & surface agitation is perfect in my opinion but idk. Please give me your opinions!

My floating island:

I took a ball of dwarf riccia and wrapped it with plants and stuck some clippings into it. Very happy with it, haha.

Planted HOB:

I hope the fissiden will do well here.

So far it only houses two otocinclus, and the occasionally seen scud/copepod. Currently waiting for a good deal on RCS/culls. I can't wait til the tank fills out

Thanks for looking!
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