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Non-photo update...I forgot to do this:

Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
I have a philosophical view of this tank, and others I have had. Even on my most low maintenance tanks, if I don't "love them up", they tend to go south. I have been very consumed with other things and just not paid attention to this tank. Not that it has been an easy tank but it's lacking so love. One of my favorite/easy tanks that was high tech just got a through look over every day with some random dosing. I personally feel that the hours of attention it got during the week just made it work, even though I never had a real formula to it.

Life got a bit ahead of me and I wasn't dosing ferts. I still haven't setup my autodoser yet which will be a big help. I know it's been months but, yeah, major changes in live makes that 30 minutes hard to find.

Hadn't looked at my tank in 2-3 days or more, dosed some ferts when the lights were off. Found out my CO2 was out. Don't know how long.

So, refilled CO2. Raised light about 6 in. No noon burst. I have more brown algae, some green string algae, some green slime, and some green spot algae. It sucks when you set a goal and go backwards.

I think the changes will give me much more margin for error which I need right now. Will post some pics when I get things moving.

On the plus side, I cleaned my inline diffuser which is more of a task than it should be, due to the way I plumbed it. I also cleaned my lily pipes. I am not jealous of those who have high end ADA stuff, I would have broken these so bad. I really hope that we see some high end acrylic lily pipes someday because these are so durable. Hopefully I set myself up for better luck and a bigger margin of error.
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