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So I am having a terrible time trying to decide what carpet I want!!!!

Can't choose between glosso or marsilea minuta. I am hopefully getting a box full of nano drift wood from Tom Barr tomorrow. Received my Finnex light today and it's awesome.

I think I will be starting a new thread for each of the tank as things are not anything like I had initially planned and this thread makes my head hurt hahaha I need linear clean thought processes hahaha.

As of right now there is:

Evolve 8 #1 - Paradise fish and bunch of random plants. Had two of the stock lights on it, also injecting DIY yeast CO2

Evolve 4 - PFRs, tons o moss, a crypt and then some more moss and I think a type of rotala maybe. Stock light, no CO2

Evolve 8 #2 - Honey Gourami, 2 rummy nose, 2 cory hasborous (sp?) [adding more next week], 1 amano shrimp and some more random plants. New 10" finnex clip on FugeRay Red or something like that. and DIY yeast CO2

Both the evolves are getting a makeover once I get my hardscape nailed down and what I want to do for carpets.

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