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Originally Posted by TickleMyElmo View Post
Yeah, but the vast majority of people in this forum are just starting out and plodding along, getting giddy anytime they get a shot thats actually exposed decently well. Do you really think they should go out and spend three times the amount of Lightroom on software that does things to their pictures that they don't understand, when they don't even understand photography itself? Lightroom is easy to understand, and covers the basics and much much more.

I seriously doubt someone starting out and taking happy snaps of their fish tank and plants is going to be doing panos or composites anytime soon.
Eric I was just commenting on your post about you being a professional photographer and not using PS. It makes it sound like if a pro doesn't use it the average Joe doesn't need it at all. Like lightroom is the end all be all and that's far from true. Not everyone that reads this part of the forum is a total newb and that sends the wrong idea.
LR itself has some learning curves to it also. LR and PS both share the same version and coding of ACR.

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