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I use it once in a while. I have a fifty with java fern, swords, giant red royals, hc, anubias and others. I have two gouramis and ten black longfin tetras.

After reading the extensive information on this subject, I picked up the Frankenstein, "Fire Bad!" operating principle. The bad boy of the algae killers seems to be anything copper. It is indiscriminate in flora or fauna. The AlgaeFix does not have that. I go by the bottle dosage - for my 50... One teaspoon. I measure the exact amount and slowly drizzle, (as much as you can drizzle a teaspoon), it right into the spray bar flow. IMHO, the key is following the instructions to the letter.

I watch the fish close with them showing no excitability or stress. The water gets white-smoky for an hour or two, and clears. It puts a pretty good slap on the "easy" algae. BBA I have to either cut the affected leaf or remove the rock and scrub the Hell out of it. I do all this in separate combination of the 1-2 Punch. There always seems to be SOME small bit of algae. But it's maintenance that makes it easier to deal with.

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