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Originally Posted by TickleMyElmo View Post
Do yourself a favor, get Adobe Lightroom instead of Adobe Photoshop. Its much cheaper, much easier to use, and is actually way more efficient at editing and storing/cataloging photos than photoshop is. I'm a professional photographer, and I only use Lightroom. I've only needed to use photoshop about 3 times ever, and only for very minor things.

Honestly, photoshop is a waste of money for what you're likely to use it for, not to mention using it to edit more than one picture takes much longer than it would with Lightroom.
It depends on where your creativity leads you. I use PS more than LR but they have different purposes. They are meant to go hand in hand. Professionally and personally I like doing panos. PS makes it easy. I also do a lot of composite work. PS makes it easy. I do work for other professional photogs. LR makes it easy. And it makes it easy to keep track of 15-20 clients with the cataloging feature of LR.
I know many hobbyist shooters that love playing with PS and LR. Some of the event photography I was doing you couldn't get the results from LR. Definitely not a waste of money if he wants to go further with photography. Download a trial version and play with it. I will say though the learning curve is steep with PS. The trial time may not be enough. Your patience may not be enough. But if you do persevere and learn it you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

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