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Originally Posted by CrypticLifeStyle View Post
That print is so out dated though, 1994. Back then they thought it was parasite related, now they arnt so sure. There's a little list of suspect causes. I've always been a fan of the carbon argument as i've seen this in real life, and the difference of using it and not using it, and most reputable shops wont use carbon.
So what's the definitive mechanism with carbon?
You can find anecdotal evidence where the disease developed without carbon.
You can find anecdotal evidence where the disease developed without hexamita.
The only thing I could sniff out as the common mechanism might be loss of factors caused by their adsorption in carbon or obstruction by the parasite.
There is also a school of thought that believes it is a factor of the quality of the carbon (phosphate leaching), yet others point out that phosphate buffers are often used with no ill effects.
It may be that the use of carbon make the fish susceptible to hexamitiasis.
I guess until this directly affects aquaculture it will be unfunded and remain controversial.

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