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Family Dog that can deal with a Cat

Congratulations on your new pup!! My son and our landlord's baby girl grew up from infancy with a chow mix and a pit mix. Both dogs adored the kids and would have lay down their lives before anything got close to hurting their babies ( the children ). This being said, adults were constantly present watching the children and dogs together. Pits are very, very protective of their family, keep a close eye on them around visiting people or dogs ( this goes for chows as well ). In response to other posts. My chow mix was abused and then landed in the pound for over a year, she ( like many chows ) is a one person dog with a love of all cats. The love of all children might be more from her other half ( possibly Newfoundland ). Shelters do extensive behavioral profiling of each individual dog. I would tend to seek a mixed breed that takes in as many characteristics that you like and then see what the shelter has for your specific home set-up. I know it has been mentioned that every dog was bred for a specific purpose/ job and getting a mixed breed can temper some of the behaviors and also improve the dogs health by eliminating some breed specific health issues. GoldenDoodle= Sweet and Intelligent.
Also realize every dog will bite, teach your kids to read dog body language and to never tease a dog with food or sneak up on a sleeping dog. An adult should practice taking food and favorite toys away from the dog, until the dog realizes that you control these things. Remember that dogs get jealous of children's attention and have the kids divide their attention equally between the two dogs. Keep a Spray bottle of water around to split up any dog scuffle, a few squirts works well. I know that is tons of advice, but I want dogs and people to have the best relationship they can. If anyone is thinking of getting a Golden Retriever and they have young children, try to find a Golden that is at least 3yrs- 5yrs old, our Chow had to train a neighbor's young Golden so that our kids wouldn't get knocked down ( think Hyperactive Denise the Menace ).
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