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Hey guys, Like you all knew, I've been focused on other tanks recently.

1. Thank you again Speedy! I'll be getting some great PFR's for this tank. I'm also going to try to put a single CRS in here. See how it fares.

2. I'm going to treat the tank with Para Guard to kill a *Possible* bacterial infection. I don't think there's any chance of one, but I do know I didn't use a feeding dish, and it is possible with how much I move. So I'm going to treat just in case. Then when it is time for the new shrimpies to get here, I'm SURE everything will be good.

3. I've got about 10-12 babies running around. Some are actually getting pretty big and swimming around one is doing tricks in front of me right now lol. They're cute.

4. I'm getting rid of all least killifish. I already noted that, but I'll note it again. I do not want them anymore. I'm RAOKing them to a friend who will stick them in a bigger tank.

5. I'm moving all the current shrimp to other tanks. I know it is kind of awful, but I am not one to mix blood lines too much. The PFRs will remain PFRs as long as I can help it.

6. I'm going to work on figuring out when my mosses will get rid of these spores. They have to be happy.. Does anybody have any idea when they'll go away or if anything will become of them??? Lol

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