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Originally Posted by thelub View Post
Thanks for the input. I'm still working with the camera settings. But the biggest improvement by far was a tripod. Just couldn't get good picures before. I'm also trying to work out my glare problem. I think a big part of it is how the light fixture hangs over the sides of the tank because I used to have it over my 55 before downgrading to this 45.

And I need to get a copy of PS so I can edit photos.
Do yourself a favor, get Adobe Lightroom instead of Adobe Photoshop. Its much cheaper, much easier to use, and is actually way more efficient at editing and storing/cataloging photos than photoshop is. I'm a professional photographer, and I only use Lightroom. I've only needed to use photoshop about 3 times ever, and only for very minor things.

Honestly, photoshop is a waste of money for what you're likely to use it for, not to mention using it to edit more than one picture takes much longer than it would with Lightroom.
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